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Chelle Law’s attorneys have represented over 1000 professionals over the last ten years in front of over 25 different Arizona Professional Licensing Boards (including the State Bar of Arizona).

Our attorneys strive continuously to provide the best legal service and experience for our clients. Whether we are representing an individual in front of their perspective board, we aggressively defend the reputation and legal rights of each individual.

Get an Arizona Attorney that you can count on for any of these law practice areas.

Professional Licensing Board Defense

Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense may be necessary for a professional who wants to maintain an unencumbered license.

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A professional license is a valuable thing to have.  It usually indicates a professional standing in life and a career that has been years in the making.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure you preserve your license and keep it intact.

At Chelle Law, we know you have a lot of time and effort invested in your license.  When disputes arise or other circumstances create legal trouble, it is important to know what to do.

Chelle Law’s attorneys have represented over 1,000 licensed professionals before more than 25 different (AZ) Arizona professional licensing boards.

When legal trouble with your professional license rears its head, you need to get on top of it as soon as possible.

  • It could be you were arrested or convicted of an offense in criminal court.
  • Perhaps a complaint got your license suspended or revoked.

A professional licensing board is there to protect the public, so they are not going to work in your best interest.  This means you cannot rely on your licensing board to be lenient in any way.  It’s best to hire an attorney who will work for you and with you to protect you and your license.

Our law firm practice can do so.

In detail…

Arizona Professional Licensing Boards (Boards) issue licenses, registrations and certificates to professionals in Arizona (AZ).  Many of these Boards also receive complaints and act to determine if there has been a violation of the law.  For instance, a Board may decide to issue disciplinary action when necessary.

Individuals who wish to appeal a decision shouldn’t discuss their case with friends, co-workers or anyone who could end up testifying against them.

At the hearing, these people may be witnesses.  Your attorney should be the only person you discuss your case with.

The attorneys at Chelle Law provide quality legal assistance with Arizona Administrative Appeals and Hearings with the (AZ) Arizona Office of Administration Hearings.

When a Board or Agency decides to issue formal discipline as a result of their investigation, the individual has the right to appeal the final decision and request a hearing. Therefore, the subject of the complaint can either consent to the discipline by signing an agreement or can request a hearing to appeal the decision.

Learn more about:

  • Licensing Board Discipline and Arizona Agency Actions
  • Appeals and Hearings
  • Administrative Hearing Attorney

If you have questions about how Arizona Administrative Appeals and Hearings procedures work or if you would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact Chelle Law today.

Administrative Appeals and Hearings

Arizona Administrative Appeals and Hearings legal assistance may be necessary for a professional who wants to appeal a decision or request a hearing.

Arizona Fingerprint Card Attorney

Chelle Law’s Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card Attorney assists Arizona (AZ) residents who must have an active Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card prior to licensure, certification or employment.

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In Arizona (AZ), nurses must have a valid fingerprint card so they can practice in the state. The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has a Fingerprint Division which processes all applications for the fingerprint clearance card.

This requirement helps to ensure vulnerable populations are safe and nurses are fully qualified to care for them.

To obtain a fingerprint clearance card, a nurse must fill out an application and send to the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting (AZ). Included with the application must be a set of fingerprints. After receiving this the board determines if the applicant has passed the background check.

Chelle Law’s attorneys will provide legal representation when you need to appear before the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting (AZ). Our legal team helps to aggressively fight to obtain fingerprint clearance cards. Call us today in order to set up a consultation with one of our lawyers. You can appeal decisions which have denied you a card.

Chelle Law can provide legal assistance with:

Contact us today if you’re interested in setting up a consultation with a lawyer from Chelle Law or learning more about any of the services our Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card Attorney can provide to Arizona (AZ) residents.

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Michael Markow
Fantastic group, very technically competent and willing to explain the nitty gritty and answer questions. Very helpful for contract negotiations. Have used the service twice in 2017 and 2022 and will be using again next time it's needed.
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sigurd torgerson
Great experience. Very though, detailed.
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Diego Lima
Great experience with Chelle Law. Renee explained everything to me really well. I will definitely work with them again.
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Shawn Bergeson
I'm pleased to support the physician contract review, az board of nursing defense, and other professional licensing board defense services (Arizona Medical Board, etc.) in a marketing capacity. In addition to these, I also support the medical contract lawyers, as they review nurse practitioner, dentist, veterinarian, and physician assistant employment contracts. I have nearly a decade of experience in human resources, as a contract recruiter. I came to Chelle Law because I was in need of a stable income source, in addition to my commission based pay, during/after the pandemic Like anyone searching for a new job, they want money. The reason for this review goes beyond money. I was able to join a team with an owner who knew what he wanted. There was clarity in the work to be done. He's also growth-minded and open to new ideas, which lead to us implementing new tactics and strategies to grow the law firm. As I grew in my role, so did the firm. I was the 4th person on the team, and we soon grew to 12 (at the time of this review). As we grew from 4 to 12 people, I learned all kinds of aspects of my position (and am still learning) that kept me interested and engaged. This includes all kinds of knowledge and skills in Wordpress, SEO, Email, Social Media, Facebook Ads, YouTube, and more. Further, we grew to incorporate a marketing team of independent contractors, which has further given me knowledge and skill in management. To be interested, to be engaged and to grow professionally are all very big pluses for any position you find yourself in. I'm so grateful for the opportunity and time I've spent here. Thank you.
Derek Nieber
Derek Nieber
I came upon the Chelle Law group via an online search. After my initial phone call with their office I was greeted with a competent, patient, and enthusiastic staff member who glady learned about my needs and scheduled a telephone consultation at my convenience. They easily accommodated a few last minute scheduling conflicts and ultimately I had a great interaction with a competent and patient attorney. I was satisfied with their service and glad there was no additional charge if additional questions would arise after our time ended.
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haeley johnson
I contacted Chelle law to help me review my first PA contract as a new graduate. They helped me clearly understand all of the terminology and negotiate the terms of my contract. Highly recommend!
I was blown away by the professionalism and compassion provided by Tobi. Although they were not able to represent me this firm took the time to listen and provided me with the best advice they could. I only wish I had come here first.
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Keivan Shalileh
Very helpful and quick in their responses. Renee was very attentive and helpful throughout the process. Definitely recommend.