Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense

Professional Licensing Board Defense

Chelle Law has represented over 1,000 licensed professionals before more than 25 different Arizona professional licensing boards.

In detail…

Arizona Professional Licensing Board Defense may be necessary for a licensed professional who wants to maintain an unencumbered professional license. Licensing is a valuable thing to have. It usually indicates a professional standing in life and a career that has been years in the making.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure you preserve your license and keep it intact.

At Chelle Law, we know you have a lot of time and effort invested in your license. When disputes arise or other circumstances create legal trouble for a professional with a license, it is important to know what to do.

Learn more about Arizona Decree of Censure.

A charge against your license can truly be a professional catastrophe. Your career depends on hiring skilled attorneys who can make all the difference in protecting your license. To improve the chances of an acceptable outcome is vital.

Chelle Law can provide counsel for a state agency regarding:

  • Substance abuse diversion programs
  • Criminal self-reporting
  • Appearances in front of licensing boards
  • Applications for licenses
  • Complaints and investigations
  • Interviews
  • Appeals and hearings

Chelle Law will represent you in any administrative hearing before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings where your license or your ability to work is questioned. We will work to see that you retain your license or get it reinstated while also negotiating with authorities to reduce any disciplinary actions or penalties.

Professional Licensing Boards We Assist With:

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I definitely recommend Chelle Law if you’re searching for an experienced, well prepared, and excellent team on your side. Robert and Memory are the best there is in this field, they definitely know what they are doing. In my case they fought hard and went above and beyond for the best possible outcome. I am very pleased with them.

I really wish I could give Chelle Law Firm more than 5 stars. My Atty Sara Stark was nothing short of amazing! She responded promptly to the board and was able to have the matter dismissed. Sara.. there are no words that can truly express the level of gratitude I have. Thank you!! I HIGHLY recommend Chelle Law Firm

Chelle Law provides great and courteous service at a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend them to any health care professional seeking legal advice or council. They are very thorough and reply to all questions or concerns in a quick manner. Mr Chelle is very knowledgeable and experienced and his staff is more than prepared to assist you.

I was very pleased with the service received from Mr. Chelle and his office. They were very cordial and accommodating to my communication requirements (I can never get to the phone during the day) and were very prompt in scheduling me and reviewing my documents. I was very pleased with the depth and scope of Mr. Chelle’s review of my documents and highly recommend him for contract review.

Chelle Law has help me deal with several recent issues. In addition they were also very helpful in pointing me in the right directions for ones they were not able to help me directly on. With the professionalism I experienced I plan to use their services more often for guidance in the future as a trustworthy source to rely on.

Chelle Law is prompt and flexible in scheduling and discussing contracts with me. Rob always gives his honest opinion and guides me in the right direction, continuing to provide feedback even after the initial review. Randomly came across the firm from a Google search four years ago, and I’m glad I did!